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The Internet is still a pretty new venue for all country artists. Since our beginning in the late 1990's, we have offered a place for country artists, traditional favorites or newcomers, to add a link to their websites, from a pretty popular site-- us! Try Googling "real country", and we are just about at the top of the rankings.  So what we are offering here, is the opportunity to add your site to our linking power.

Our linking policy is simple.

Add our link to your site, tell us where to find it.  We will respond with a link on our site  within 48 hours. Email us  

Please use a text link-
"Real" on your site.


Our Featured Artist- Patti Davis & Bandit

Live performances primarily, but not limitied to,  New York, New Jersey,
and Pennsylvania area. Booking information

Patti Davis & Bandit

Pardon the poor quality, but this is
Bruce Springsteen  and Bandit performing a few Hank Williams songs, with vocals by Patti Davis and Patti Scialfa.

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Click below for sample audio clips:

Stuck on Love's Highway 

Highway Cowboy

Friends of Real Country

J.K. Coltrain 

George Lee, Jr.  &  the 
Crazed Cowboys

My Country Billy Michael Davis
Dale Watson Rustie Blue CrazyHeart Lana Sprague
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